We make knowledge and education in the nautical industry a great experience for everyone!

LearnBS team is committed to collect, create and share effective educational content for the nautical industry.  To do this, we are building a strong network and team, and making it bigger and better every day. We want the students to learn, and the teachers to get value for their knowledge!

Learn from Bow to Stern was founded in 2020 by Carlos Freire and Gilberto Pastorella. In 2021 the platform has been acquired by Seably.com and since then it is managed by the Seably team.

Our partners

To offer top quality training we believe it’s key to partner with the best in the industry! Every day, we learn something from them, and we make it available to you!

Want to become a partner? 

You have an online school

You already have an online school and contents on specific subjects and want to broaden your classroom? We put your courses into our platform!

You are an expert 

You like teaching and have an expertise on a specific subject. We help you to create your online courses and put them online.

You are a company

Your company has a strong knowledge on a subject and maybe already some contents? We help you to gain visibility and to put order into your archive. Great also for future employee to learn quickly!

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