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BASIC: Sail with numbers

A short course on how to use basic numbers in sailing and racing

Why should I take this course?

During this course you will learn to look at the course, at the competitors, at your performance with a new perspective. A numerical approach during the race will help you to improve performance and have a much better understanding of the whole picture, including wind trends, currents etc.

In the course we discuss mostly techniques and "tricks" that can be done with a "normal" electronic system onboard (without any PC and/or advanced navigation software involved).

So, if you have a compass, a speed sensor and a wind sensor, you should really start the course right now!

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OceanDrivers' Academy

The OceanDrivers' Academy is an online and offline school focused on teaching how technology can improve sailing. The Academy was created by a Spanish-Italian team and have had more than 1000 students from 40 countries of the world following their online courses.
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