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INTERMEDIATE: Weather Routing with Adrena

Doing a weather routing doesn't mean just asking the software "which is the fastest route?". An advanced weather routing is a complete analysis of many different scenarios and options. Adrena Navigation Software allows you to carry on this analysis with advanced options and sophisticated tools. In this course we are going to see how to use all these tools in the best way and how to make a weather routing that answers as many questions as possible and that takes into account as many variables as possible. This course is recorded with Adrena V15 but most of the functions are valid and usefull for all the versions of the software.
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OceanDrivers' Academy

The OceanDrivers' Academy is an online and offline school focused on teaching how technology can improve sailing. The Academy was created by a Spanish-Italian team and have had more than 1000 students from 40 countries of the world following their online courses.
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