Lesson series

#1 Clouds and Marine Weather

Discover why its so important to start a comprehensive course on marine weather with a big picture look at clouds. For centuries, sailors have known the importance of reading the sky.
You will learn:
  • Importance of clouds
  • How do clouds form?
  • Cloud classification
  • Cloud Identification
  • Short-term weather prediction using only cloud
  • and much more!

Class contents:
  • Video: 50 minute lecture with Chris Bedford & Peter Isler
  • Presentation notes
  • Quiz
  • Resource material
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Marine Weather University

Marine Weather University is designed to help you further your knowledge of weather - tailored to a marine focus. Classes cover a variety of essential topics employing a combination of lectures, quizzes and resource material. Full courses are configured to provide a well rounded education so you have the tools to really understand what you can see on the water, in the sky and on the internet.
Marine Weather University is a collaboration of veteran sailing meteorologist, Chris Bedford and world-class sailor and best selling author, Peter Isler.
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